A downloadable game for Windows

IdleShot is some sort of mutant mix of a clicker and a top down shooter!

You were on your way to find a perfect spot for a picnic, when your ship suddenly broke! Crashing onto Mars wasn't the plan but now you must fix your ship. Find all the ship parts to leave and don't let the weird creatures of Mars stop you!

Space or "A" - Interact with shop or turret 
WASD or left analog stick - run
Mouse or Right Analog Stick - Aim
Click or Right Shoulder Button - Shoot

Collect currency by  simply shooting, you get one shell per bullet you or any of your turrets shoot! 
You can build turrets on any of the darker circles on the ground.
Features nearly 80 purchasable items!!!
Note: Controller is not supported in shop menus.

Made by:

Breogan Hackett: Code, Design & 2D Art
Jess Winters: Code, Design, & Audio
Onion: 3D Art & Level Design
Rachel Franklin: Team Management & Design

Made in 72 Hours For Ludum Dare 41

If you're here to rate our game for Ludum Dare the original version had balancing issues and game breaking bugs and the post jam version makes it actually playable but doesn't add any extra content


IdleShotLD41_Win_PostJam.zip 32 MB
IdleShotLD41_Windows.zip 32 MB


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That was a joy- and colorful shooter-idle-game-mixup! The whole color palette was super neat. <3 I just wished that you'd have found a more decent shooting sound, because it became quite overwhelming when I upgraded the shooting speed. :D Let me congratulate you as well to include so many different things into your game in such a short amount of time, you little feature creeps. <3 I had a great time with this game, so I recommended it in one of our compilation articles about the Ludum Dare 41 and also featured it in the related gameplay video. :)

Best wishes,